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I am so furious right now you don’t even understand.

So I wore this outfit today, and in the mornings it’s crazy cold. So I wore some thick socks that are thigh length and when I walk they slip down. So naturally I put on a garter belt to hold them up. Which I do with all my socks because I wear a lot of skirts and dresses with socks for the morning cause it’s cold. I make sure my garter is well hidden by a long skirt. I always make sure that when I walk you are not able to see that I am wearing a garter. I do not want anyone to know that I am wearing a garter belt.

So this morning after second period I was walking to my next class and one of the male teachers in the hall way pulled me aside and told me I had to take off my garters because it was considered underwear and it was distracting in a school environment. Somehow this teacher saw up my skirt? He tried to take me to the front office where my garter would be “confiscated” (in his words) for the day until after school when I can get it. I wear garter belts so often and I have never been pulled aside during school to be told by a school teacher that he can see up my skirt. And Im not the only one who wears garters at my school either. Lots of girl wear them under shorts where they’re much more exposed than mine was today. It also doesn’t say anywhere in the school dress code that garters are considered underwear, let alone that garters are prohibited from school.

I should be allowed to wear what I want under my clothes without worrying that some asshole of a teacher is staring at teenaged girls butts and up their skirts.

It really fucking pisses me off. Also, I passed multiple teachers and school officials before passing him and only he seemed to noticed. 

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